Presenter Information

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Presentation length and time keeping

  • Please refer to your program allocation letter, or the full website program for the confirmed length of your presentation
  • As a courtesy to other speakers in your session and to ensure the program runs to time, please keep your presentation to your allocated time. Your session chair will provide time alerts and direct any question time
  • Please go to your allocated room 15 minutes before the session start time to meet with the Session Chair and familiarise yourself with the room and AV

Presentation format and slide ratio

  • Your presentation should be saved as a Microsoft office PowerPoint file. If you have created your presentation using Apple Keynote, you will need to save your file as a PowerPoint file
  • The slide ratio for your presentation should be set to 16:9
  • Presenters are encouraged to use the ALCC 2023 PowerPoint slide deck found here for their presentations

Loading your presentation PowerPoint

  • The Speakers Preparation room will be located in Meeting Room 4 the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre for Thursday 16 & Friday 17 February
    • Workshop presenters should take their presentations directly to their workshop room on Wednesday 15 February
  • Speakers should report to the Speakers Preparation room at least 1-hour before their scheduled presentation
  • Speakers are to bring their presentation on a USB with the file name including their first and last name
  • If you have any video files in your presentation, please have these files saved separately on your USB
  • The Speakers’ Preparation Room will be open at the below times;
    • Thursday 16 February: 08:00 – 16:00
    • Friday 17 February: 08:30 – 15:00

The below audio visual will be provided in all session rooms

  • Data projector and screen
  • A computer (PC) to which your presentation will be linked (once submitted to speaker preparation)
  • Lectern and microphone

We do not advise speakers to use their own laptops as this may cause hiccups in the program. We ask all speakers to kindly use the laptop provided and follow the instructions above to load your presentation in the speakers’ preparation room.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

All posters will be digital, displayed on screens in the Exhibition Hall.

Poster Information

  • A company called Paperless Events is managing the poster submissions
  • All posters must be submitted in advance via the online platform provided by the above company as per their deadlines.
  • If you require any support for your digital poster, please contact:


Where can I find the ALCC 2023 slide template?

You can download the slide template here

Can I use my own laptop for presentation?

In order to facilitate the smooth running of the presentations and to ensure sessions don’t run overtime it is preferred that the conference equipment is utilised. If you do need to use your own laptop, please note that only a standard HDMI connection will be provided on the lectern.

If you have a Mac laptop you will need to bring your own connection cord or adapter. We suggest that you visit the Speakers’ Preparation Room at least 1-hour prior to your session with your laptop to test.

Can I use animation/ QR Codes or record a video for my poster presentation?

Yes, you can use animations, QR codes or even record audio or video* over a PowerPoint for your Poster presentation. However, all presentations must adhere to the guidelines provided by Paperless Events. Contact for further information.

*Please note: Poster video or audio recordings on Posters must not be longer than 4-minutes in length.

Do I need to send a copy of my oral presentation prior to the Conference?

No, please take a copy of the presentation on USB to the Conference and visit the Speakers’ Preparation Room at least 1 hour prior to your talk.

The technicians will then load your presentation accordingly and hyperlink to your presentation room. If you are speaking first up in the morning, you can load your presentation with the Speakers’ Presentation Room when you arrive onsite for the day.

How long is my presentation?

Please refer to your presentation allocation letter or the full program for the confirmed length of your talk.

Who can I contact for further questions?

If you have any questions relating to your presentation, poster display or the Conference in general please contact;

ALCC 2023 Conference Secretariat
ICMS Australasia
Ph: +61 (3) 9682 0500

Key Dates

  • Registration
  • Open now
  • Australian Lung Cancer Conference 2023
  • Conference dates 15 - 17 February 2023